The Ripmaster Story

Did you know that when a person hits a strong ground stroke in the game of platform tennis, aka paddle, it is called a “rip”? Neither did Sarah Ripmaster Johnson until she hit one of these powerful shots on the court and her opponent said “nice rip, now I know why you call yourself the Ripmaster”! Light bulb moment for Sarah. Growing up with the last name Ripmaster and participating in many sports and having a family of very athletic brothers and parents, at that moment Sarah decided it was time to merchandise her maiden name. Ripmaster is derived from the Dutch name Reepmeister and was changed to Ripmaster when Sarah’s dutch family, generations ago, came to America.

Ripmaster Athletics was born in 2023 with a desire to bring comfortable, casual, well made, good looking clothing and accessories to people who participate in outdoor sports and activities. Also, Sarah has a strong desire for her maiden name to be associated with a brand that people love and covet. The future of the company is unknown but the passion Sarah has for outdoor activities, specifically paddle, is strong. Should be a fun journey, please join me.